Sunday, October 6, 2013

From Around the Web October 2013

With the end of the regular season, I've included a couple of articles about the KBO playoffs, which start on October 8.  There is also a problem with the site of the NC Dinos' new stadium.  I have noticed some interest in players potentially making the jump to MLB, so I included a couple articles on that topic too.  The last article is about European baseball's inclusion in the Asia Series tournament.

Potential MLB Targets
MLB Scouts Interested in Yoon Seok-min, Oh Seung-hwan

Scouting on Oh, Seung-hwan

About Yoon, Suk-min

Dinos News
KBO demands Changwon to select new stadium location for expansion team

NC Dinos join KBO in Demanding new site for stadium

The Playoffs
Perennial contender back on top, joined by three Seoul clubs as KBO reg. season ends

3 Seoul teams vie to face Lions

KBO's 'Subway Series' to pit Nexen against Doosan

2013 MVP News
Reigning KBO MVP Park among four candidates in 2013
If you want to know who won the award in previous years, you can find a chart in my post here.

Asian Baseball News
European Baseball Club to Make Historic Debut in Asia Series

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