Thursday, June 4, 2020

Links to some articles about Korean baseball

For those of you new to Korean baseball and the KBO, or those of you who have been following it, but are interested in some historical information about it, below is a list of links to articles that I wrote a few years back, between 2014-2016. I just thought I'd collect all the links here in one place. I hope you find the articles interesting and entertaining.

Historical Articles:

Baseball in Korea goes back further than you might think
This article looks at the earliest references to baseball being played in Korea.

Why Koreans call baseball 'yagu'
This article looks at some of the early Korean words for 'baseball' and offers a possible explanation of why baseball is called 'yagu' in Korean.

St. Louis Cardinals played in Korea in 1958
An article about when the St. Loius Cardinals played a baseball game in Korea in 1958.

When Hank Aaron came to Korea
An article about the two trips Hank Aaron made to Korea in 1982, including the Atlanta Braves minor league goodwill tour with Ernie Banks and Billy Williams.

When 'mercenaries' first invaded the KBO
An article about the first group of foreigner players in the KBO in 1998.

Lee Seung-yuop all-time best hitter
This article is a recap of the 2015 Spring Conference for the Society of Korean Baseball Studies (SKB). The article focuses on a panel discussion with former KBO greats on the topic of the all-time best hitter in KBO history.


Eric Thames of NC Dinos, a hit on and off field
A feature piece on MLB player and past KBO star of the NC Dinos and his life in Korea.

Oh Seung-hwan, 'Final Boss,' seeks new opponents in MLB
An interview with Korean pitcher Oh Seung-hwan of the Samsung Lions about his career and pitching in Japan.

Lee Dae-ho has right attitude for MLB success
Interview with Lee Dae-ho of the Lotte Giants about his experiences playing baseball in Japan.

Bridging the Gap
An interview with Ryan Sadowski, ex-MLB and KBO pitcher and current international scout for the Kia Tigers. The interview is related to cultural adjustments players need to make when playing in a foreign baseball league.

Baseball fans help grieving American
A couple of Korean baseball fans and a KBO player reach out to an American in Arizona to help him deal with the loss of his brother.

Profitable 2nd league team? Goyang Dinos think it's possible
A look at some of the business ideas of a minor league (Futures League) team, Goyang Dinos, in Korea.

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