Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From Around the Web July 2013

Below are just a few things that I found recently about Korean baseball.

Oh Interview
At the above link is an interview in English with the KBO's all-time saves leader, Oh, Seung-hwan.  He is still quite young, despite holding the record, and rumored to be eying a move to the US.

Lee Home Run Record
An article about another Samsung Lion, Lee, Seung-yeop, and his breaking the all-time KBO home run record.

Foreigners in the KBO
From the Korea Times, an articles about foreign players in Korea.  Just a little background, the title of the article is "the mercenaries," which is the translation of the Korean word '용병.'  Foreigner players are commonly called this in Korean.  The official expression is 외국인 선수, which simply means foreign player.

Foreign Pitchers
An article from the JoongAng Daily about foreign players, especially foreign pitchers (as these days, most of them are pitchers).

Regional Draft
A story about a high schooler from a non-famous high school taken in the regional draft.

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