Monday, August 19, 2013

From Around the Web August 2013

I came across a number of Korean baseball related sites and articles this month and just wanted to share some of what I found.

In foreign player news:

Lions sign ex-major league pitcher Caridad
The above is a Korea Herald piece about the Samsung signing of Esmailin Caridad.  He didn't have a very successful debut with the Lions, lasting only one and a third innings, while giving up 6 earned runs.

2 struggling foreign pitchers released
Pitchers Anthony Lerew and Aneury Rodriguez were released by their respective clubs.

Some KBO related news:

South Korea baseball hits home run with female fans
A CNN article about the rising popularity of the KBO among women in Korea.

Oh Seung-hwan continues to get scouted...
An article containing an update on the rumors surrounding Oh, Seung-Hwan's possible transfer to NPB or MLB.  I included an interview by him in the my July edition of Around the web.

KT Wiz name Cho as inaugural manager
The above article is about the hiring of the inaugural manager for the KT Wiz, Cho, Beom-hyun.

How the ball stayed in the park
This article is an opinion piece looking at some of the current problems in the KBO, especially it lack of English policy and ignorance on racism.

Scouting reports via I R Fast:

Kim, Sa-yul

Yang, Hyun-jong

Off the field news:

In case you missed them or wanted to read a little more about controversial remarks made by Kim, Tae-gyun about Shane Youman in the first half of the season here are two articles.

American Pitcher Shane Youman Reacts to Controversial Remarks

Youman ready to move past Kim's Mistake

Some Korean baseball related sites:
In depth coverage of the KBO in English, including news, information and opinions

Bang the Jang-gu Slowly
A personal blog about the Lotte Giants and Korean baseball

Coming to America Baseball
Website following the comings and goings of baseball players between North America and the Pacific Rim 

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