Sunday, September 1, 2013

Korean Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame

It was reported way back in 2011 that three cities were in the running to become home to the new KBO Museum and Hall of Fame.  The three cities bidding were Seoul, Incheon and Busan.

It seems as though we finally have a decision. And the winner... seems to be Busan. According to Yonhap news, it was announced on April 20th that there is a plan for the KBO to sign a contract with Busan and Busan Kijang-gun. This puts Busan as the preferred bidder for the project. Someone who works for Busan city believes that one of the deciding factors to awarding it to Busan was their plans for a baseball theme park near the museum.

The Hall of Fame and museum will be housed in a 3374 square meter, three story building.  The first floor will be a multipurpose hall, international archive and video archive. On the second floor will be rooms dedicated to amateur and pro baseball, and baseball lecture room. The third floor will be home to the hall of fame and a large meeting room. The building will also include a roof-top garden.

In addition to the Hall of Fame and museum, Busan also plans on developing 196,515 square meters of land nearby. On this land they are planning on building four official size baseball diamonds, two smaller sized baseball fields, a softball field, an indoor practice field and the first domestic baseball theme park.

I will add more details to this post as they are released.

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